Making events a breeze

At SEM Tickets all our ticketing features are included in our low flat rate. Our ticketing solution provides all the features, tools and customer support to help you create an event that is just as easy to manage as it is to sell tickets!


Why Use SEM Tickets?

Increased Profits

SEM Tickets makes sure that the moment a sale is made on your website, those funds come to you immediately. No more waiting on disbursements, It's your money.


Unbeatable Value

Service, support and features that go above and beyond with prices that stay remarkably low. Our event ticketing solution is your partner.



Flexible event ticketing solution that is simple enough to make managing small events easy, while also having the capability to scale up with you.



What makes SEM Tickets truly different is our personal care & support for your event. We train your staff, provide the ticket scanners, and will be on site for the event.



Your Events Custom Branding

SEM Tickets wants to be in the background of your event, not the forefront. Our focus is to keep your event check-in process running smooth not advertising ourselves. We keep your system on your website with your branding, keeping you in total control.

Fully Customizable Forms

Your event is unique and so are your customers. With SEM Tickets you can gather unique information with custom forms that match your event.

Multiple Events

SEM Tickets gives you option to easily create and manage multiple events at once. Set event name, location, start date and you're ready to go.


Automatically sends targeted emails to your ticket customers. We have the ability to send your customer messages after purchase and ticket check-in!

Ticket Builder

Allows you to create as many ticket templates as you need. That way each ticket type (Standard, VIP, etc.) may have completely different look and feel to it.

CRM Integration

SEM Tickets offers full integration with the top CRM software on the market . This means you can leverage your ticket sales into further marketing to customers.

Sales Tax & Fees

You have full control of the sales tax, processing and ticket fees. This means you will be able to customize your fees and make even more!

Customer Notifications

Automatically sends email, SMS notifications to your ticket buyers pre- and post-purchase, pre- and post-entry and more.

Custom Branding

SEM Tickets builds every client a custom website or we build your ticketing solution into your current website. This means it is always your branding and not ours!


Custom Ticketing Features

A conference for 500 attendees? Or a festival for 20,000? No two events are alike. So our easy-to-use solution focuses on reliable technology and stellar support to make everything simple.

Entry Tracking

Track where and when your patron check-in. you can allow multiple check ins per ticket, and the system can be used across multiple entry points.

Multiple Ticket Types & Locations

SEM Tickets gives you the ability to sell tickets for events that reoccur daily, weekly, monthly. We also have the ability to set up events in multiple locations!

Digital / Physical Tickets

Our ticket scanning app can check-in digital tickets, or physical tickets. Give your clients the choice of printing tickets or brining them on their smart phone!

Sell Tickets On Your Website

When we say your branding we mean it! Selling tickets on your own website enhances security, and trust with your client base. Keeping all the branding under control make your event stronger!

Online/Offline Scanning

Whether your event is in the middle of a bustling city or in the middle of the woods, feel confident with our offline check-in system!

Android  App

Give your check-in process a speed boost! SEM Tickets has an IOS and Android app that speeds up the check-in process for your patrons!

Desktop App

Our system is able to be installed in a traditional setting with computer desktops and ticket scanning devices. POS is coming soon!

Unlimited Ticket Types

Need more than just a general ticket? Create different ticket types, ranging from VIP to general and everything in-between.

Unlimited Discount / Coupons

With our solution you can have multiple different promo codes. This enables you to offer discounts, track sales form different sources and more.

Sell Merchandise

Sell event merchandise right on your site! This will increase your events revenue. Ticket and a shirt, yes please!

Barcode  & QR Scanners

Barcode readers may improve the whole check-in process, decrease the time of the check-in and make the door of your event less crowded.

Translation Ready

No matter where you host your event, our system has the ability to be automaticaly translated into any language.


Your Financial Tool Set

Our focus at SEM Tickets is to enable you to sell your tickets, and get them checked in. We want you to have full control over your fees and your funds. No more waiting on funds to be released, every dollar goes to you first!

Ease of Use

Our solution is fully automated to handle the whole ticket ordering and payment process from top to bottom!

Keep Your  Money

Every sale goes to your account not ours. You pay us, not the other way around.

Presale Tickets Increase Revenue

You can sell your event out long before you open the doors to the event. Presale tickets can grow your event now!

Payment Gateways

Full integration with multiple payment gateways from PayPal and Stripe to many more.

Ticket Variations

Create any number of ticket types for one or more events. Set ticket quantity limits, available check-ins per ticket, available quantity, etc.

Total Control

You control the prices for tickets, fees and more! With total control you can decide what fees to charge for processing, sales tax,  and more!

Sales Analytics

 Our system uses  custom dashboards to make sure you can have your stores sales reports on any device.

Use Your Money Now

Use your sales capital when you need it, there are no money payouts, all sales goes to you immediately

How SEM Tickets Works

Make throwing events easier and more profitable than you thought possible.

1. Create Your Event

Our team builds a custom event website for your event, keeping you in control of your branding & message.


2. Sell Your Tickets

With your own branded website you can promote / sell your tickets in no time & get paid daily.



3. Event Day

SEM Tickets check in app, box office app and digital tickets work hard to make check-in a breeze.

4. Support

SEM Tickets offers unparalleled support,  We train your staff, provide the ticket scanners, and will be on site for the event.