Real Customer Support

At SEM Tickets our job is to make your event run as smooth as possible, and we truly mean that! This process starts at the top with web design, and continues through supporting your customers and staff with any ticketing issues. We are are team with phone numbers, not emails. Support here is a few phone numbers away, not time zones.

Contact Our Team

SEM Tickets believes that in order to truly provide outstanding support, you have to be there for your event partner. We provide multiple different avenues to contact our support team and answer the phone when you need the help. No more waiting 3-4 days in a support ticket system, we want your event to run smooth and that cant happen through a support ticket.

Phone Support: (440) 339-1902

Support Email: Support@semremedy.com

Head Technician: TLC@semremedy.com

Billing Support: Kim@semremedy.com

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Why Use SEM Tickets?

Increased Profits

SEM Tickets makes sure that the moment a sale is made on your website, those funds come to you immediately. No more waiting on disbursements, It's your money.


Unbeatable Value

Service, support and features that go above and beyond with prices that stay remarkably low. Our event ticketing solution is your partner.



Flexible event ticketing solution that is simple enough to make managing small events easy, while also having the capability to scale up with you.



What makes SEM Tickets truly different is our personal care & support for your event. We train your staff, provide the ticket scanners, and will be on site for the event.